Which Work Style Are You?

Work these days is a lifestyle, and everyone works differently. Skim the definitions below to see which category you fall into. Then, surf, shop and get help getting ahead — according to your work style. Which work style are you?


Whether she’s calling the shots as an entrepreneur or choosing her hours as a freelancer, one thing’s for sure: flexibility, versatility and durability are the recurring themes when selecting work wardrobe and workspace pieces. They’re always on the go, finding themselves having to work just about anywhere including coworking spaces, coffices (coffee shops) and home offices. But, the biggest perk beyond having to answer to yourself (making up for the lack of health insurance) is the ability to have a co-wagger (office pet) in tow if they want to – just because they can. They’re the boss, remember?


On the outside, she’s buttoned up, but on the inside, she’s got the funk. Don’t let her successful run on the traditional career track think you’ve got her all figured out. Her quirky, trendy, edgy, creative side shines through in her work, workspace and wardrobe in ways that comply with company policy but still leave her personal touch on everything she does. She’s not perfect, and she’s perfectly fine with that. Oh, and don’t start sentences off with “per our conversation” or “I was just circling back” because she’ll just circle back away from you – per that conversation.


This non-profit ProfessionGal knows and shows that money ain’t a thang without true passion to move mountains. That so-called bitch Karma happens to be her BFF, and staying on her good side is her profession. Her bills are paid by good deeds, but most importantly, her heart is full, thinking of others before she even gets out of bed. She wears a lot of hats, is frugal and scrappy. If you’re not an event, a donor or a volunteer, you’re gonna have to take a number. She’ll be with you in a second.


This ProfessionGal doesn’t just have a job, she’s got multiple jobs with a bunch of know-it-all bosses called professors. She’s got a schedule like no other, running between coffee shops to post-grad internships to finish homework and projects. She wonders why her 9 to 5 friends can’t hang past midnight on a school night anymore – and why they don’t get her being so MIA last week (it’s called a group presentation and finals). Is that coffee permanently attached to her hand? Maybe. (Hey, at least it’s not Adderall like the rest of campus. Yeah, she just said that.)


This gal is either making coffee runs to skate by with college credit or a serious soon-to-be or post-graduate looking for an edge over the competition. She’s on it before you ask for it, but never admits she just had to Google that question and answer. Oh, and that blazer you thought was stolen from Coco’s closet? She got it at H&M. #nbd. Also, she still thinks she can be productive with a hangover. God bless her.


She’s the gal we love to hate, and we mean that in a loving, green-with-envy way. She’s living every little girl’s dream, dancing as a ballerina for a living, ruling the fashion industry or taking a leap into super competitive and glamorous fields as a chef to the stars or lead innovator for a tech startup. This gal has got her thumb on the pulse of mod jobs – those trend-setting gigs that are constantly on the cusp of something new, which usually has their own set of rules when it comes to wardrobe and workspace pieces. She’s got guts, that’s for sure –and daring style to match.


While your average ProfessionGal may find herself screaming at her project from time to time, MomGals’ project screams right back! And baby, whether she’s working from home humming a lullaby on mute during a conference call or moonlighting as supermom, this hot momma puts the “m” in multitasking with the umph to conquer anything. Fear of a stain before meeting clients? Ha, puh-lease.

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