Funky Finds: Beachy Keen

Let’s pretend we are at the beach and not work mmmmk?

GalCrush: Maya McDonald

Meet our current GalCrush, Maya McDonald!


Oh, the perks of being a ProfessionGal reader! The gals at Suit and Sweet (founders Christine Short and Hannah Levenkron pictured above) are giving you a 20% discount starting now through the end of June when you rent any of their suit pieces using a special code at checkout. Click to get the code!

Spring Clean Your Face Off!

Don’t neglect your skin when doing your Spring Cleaning!

Co-Wagger of the Month: Chloe [April]

Meet Chloe! The cutest pup with the cutest bags!

Going Dutch: Finding an (Amster)Dam Good Nanny

Adventures in Amsterdam–less brownies, more nannies.

An Eye for Lagniappe

This article is the first in the series titled “Lagniappe” by Megan. She shares her secret ingredient in helping gals achieve a third eye for lessons in the mundane — giving them a competitive edge over their peers (with a twist from her Cajun culture, of course).

The Nursing Nuisance

ModGal Anna is SO over your advances. This nurse does NOT get naughty in the workplace. #ew

Grilled Cheese Gal: MacKenzie Smith [guest post]

Meet MacKenzie–the hilarious queen of delicious grilled cheeses! #nomcity

Navy & Noir

Megan shows us how to work black and blue together in your wardrobe (despite a bruised ego). It’s so cute, it hurts.

How to SNAG (Literally and Creepily) the Love of Your Life

The editor strikes again–this time with invasive tips about your love life! xo

Megan Broussard ProfessionGal

Meet the Founder

Hey there! I’m Megan Broussard, a right-brained gal like you who’s quest to find the career and work style that worked for me – not the other way around – took me from cubes and coworking spaces to “coffices” and home offices. Now, I’ve created ProfessionGal to help you find your fit too// Read More

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