About ProfessionGalDo what you love and work how you want. That’s the mantra that sets ProfessionGals apart from the rest of female professionals out there.

Shifts in job markets – and the rapidly changing technology driving them –are giving us more choices to work anywhere we want and however we want than ever before.

Going beyond traditional cubicles, people are finding themselves working remotely in coffee shops, coworking spaces and home offices (rarely seeing a suit, sometimes in pajamas, and with a puppy or two at their feet).

For some, it’s the entrepreneurial spirit contagious among younger generations that attracts them to an unconventional, professional path. Or, it’s the short cuts that digital media has created in making otherwise, lesser known talents Internet sensations over night.

For others, it’s that they’ve had a hard time finding full-time employment with the degree they’ve earned, forcing them to take on a hodge-podge of jobs, go to grad school or take an unrelated position they don’t like simply to pay the bills, while applying their passion to a side-hustle or hobby on nights and weekends.

Whatever the case, the work landscape is changing, and we’re changing with it by celebrating and facilitating the work style that works for you, not the other way around.

Check out our blog, shop, services, job board (fondly called Gal Gigs), newsletter and meet other gals just like you to create any career you can think up. We’re here to help. 

You with us?


ProfessionGal Inc. is a company devoted to helping women create any career they can think up. We encourage thinking outside of the confines of a cubicle to make your creative talents and childhood aspirations an occupation. Our mission is to provide products and services to help women identify both their craft and the work style that works for them – not the other way around – blurring the lines between work and play. Our motto is: Find your style and work it.

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