Office Supplies Galore

office supplies galore

I’ll be launching a office supplies roundup feature here on Professiongal soon, but before I do that, I wanted to highlight several other roundups of cute, stylish office supplies that I stumbled upon recently. You might call this a roundup of roundups!

I love Sorting with Style, so of course I adored Stacy Julian’s blog post about their cute office supplies. As she says, “I really like cute stuff, especially when it’s at least semi-practical.” I’m with you, Stacy!

As a fan of just about everything the Corporette puts up, I unsurprisingly was digging their Tools of the Trade: Cute Office Supplies post. The products that Office Max sent them to review were functional and cute, so be sure to check out the big box retailer!

Though it’s from 2010, I still love Laura’s office supplies roundup post over on Lolalina. Laura says the blog is “devoted to all the things that make a house a home,” and these knick knacks definitely help accomplish that goal.

Love PaperSource? So does Penelope of Penelope Loves List! A chocolate kimono file folder set and a chartreuse dot magazine holder are a few of the highlighted items.

I love the way Alesya- the founder of Alesya Bags in Charleston- describes office supplies as “sexy” in her office supplies roundup. As she says, “If you’re looking to add a little zip to your office,” check out the list of sources she mentions.

If you haven’t checked out Poppin, get to their site immediately! For a less overwhelming first peek at their wares, check out a small roundup on Musings from a Spit Fire Girl.

Lacee wants to know: “Isn’t work always so much better when you are surrounded by cute things?” Um, yes. Go visit her blog for a colorful, fun roundup of office supplies from several different sources (including the aforementioned Poppin).

Lastly, Urban Girl encourages you to celebrate Earth Day every day with environmentally friendly office supplies. I’m on board!

Where is your favorite place to buy office supplies? What are some of your favorite stylish and functional products?

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