3 Ways Millennials Can Swing Multiple Jobs

millennials can swing multiple jobs

The following article is a piece I wrote for Early Careerists as a contributor.

Millions of Millennials are opting to take on side jobs as a way to supplement small salaries thanks to a slowly recovering economy. In a study by MetLife as reported by USA Today, Millennials have been found to be doing more than earlier generations to increase our incomes, while also being more likely to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit since we’ve had to get creative for income.

Here are three ways to juggle that second job of yours without letting it interfere with the one that pays the bills and burning you out.

1. Keep your moonlighting in the moonlight.

Whether you’re a freelance writer, weekend-personal-trainer, or like me a career coach (who once had a few close calls juggling my PR job and side job), do your invoicing, client work and scheduling after your main job’s working hours.

Stay away from using your work computer to complete part-time tasks, especially since getting caught  could bring on some serious questions from your employer, along with possibly harsh consequences like getting fired for stealing time from the company to work on tasks outside of the one’s assigned to you according to payroll.

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