4 Ways to Impress Your Boss…Without Working Longer Hours

impress your boss

The following article is a piece I wrote for Early Careerists as a contributor.

You don’t have to burn the midnight oil or babysit your manager’s kids to prove yourself an asset or make your team members wonder what they ever did without you.  Here are five simple ways to stand out from your peers, blowing your boss away, without getting hand cramps and stress-induced ulcers.

Be the Perez Hilton of Industry News

You’re addicted to social media as a morning ritual anyway and scour the Internet to drown out the horrible jazz music blaring from your office phone while you wait for your conference call to start. So, it won’t take any extra time to find articles and videos covering the advances and news in your industry. In other words, dig for gossip about your field and be the first to gab about it. By sharing those nuggets of info with your manager, found easily by bookmarking your favorite sites that include morning recaps and headline highlights, you can show them that you’re so passionate about your work that you think about it in your spare time and are able to apply larger trends to specific projects. Just copy and paste your findings in an email with the title, source, link and a brief description on how it relates to your company’s latest objectives, and they’ll be more impressed than when the office got that fancy new espresso machine. See? Such a simple way to brand yourself as a thought leader on the team no matter what level you are.

Click here to read the full article with the rest of the 4 tips on Early Careerists!

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