Office Time to Overtime: The Girlfriend Blazer

This is a new weekly fashion series, showcasing office styles that can be tweaked and taken into happy hour and beyond. 


This isn’t your boyfriend’s blazer. Try a frilly brightly colored jacket to cover a lacy, high neck and sleeveless top (mine’s from LOFT). Add a statement necklace to match, and you’ve successfully created a polished distraction from the party top underneath.

Fitted pants with flats to match are easy to dress up come 5 p.m. when you can slip on heeled booties (I always carry a tote to and from work with a pair in it just in case plans are changed last-minute – and putting your flats back into your tote makes the bag less bulky to carry around while you’re out, though you could always leave your bag at work and get it in the morning.)

Voila — transfer all of your happy-hour essentials to a handbag (I.D., cash/cards, touch-up makeup) and you’re ready to go!


the girlfriend blazer

How would you put your spin on this outfit to take it from day to night?

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