[INFOGRAPHIC] For Lunch, Back Away from the Desk

According to a new survey by The Creative Group, taking a lunch break — an actual break in which you aren’t simultaneously typing while gulping down re-heated soup — can nourish your mind as much as your body.

More than four in 10 (44 percent) executives interviewed said leaving the office during their lunch break makes them more productive.

Further, when asked to describe the best activity for stimulating creative thinking at work, workers cited “stepping away from your desk,” second only to brainstorming with colleagues. These findings are illustrated by the infographic below.

But, eating outside of your cube doesn’t mean you always have to eat out. You can still save money by bringing your lunch and eating it in a nearby park, outdoor cafe, even the lobby of your office building. For inspiration on homemade lunches and snacks, check out my Pinterest board devoted to the art of office cuisine here.

lunch break


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