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The following article is a piece I wrote for Early Careerists as a contributor.

Fortunately, the dramatics of jumping on a jet plane to woo an employer for an open position are over. Sounds like a scene from a movie, but that’s what people used to do for jobs out of state, especially to avoid phone interviews where the lack of face-to-face made interviewees and some employers uneasy.

Skype calls are much more convenient and are becoming more and more popular, not only closing the gap in distance but also providing a whole new way to show off your professionalism in your audition. That is, if you’re prepared. Here are four ways to make sure you are.

Set the Stage

Call every one of your friends, your overbearing mother, the guy who’s watching your dog and the annoying neighbor that constantly comes over to talk Real Housewives. Tell them why you can’t afford any distractions: no doorbell, no Rihanna ringtone, no barking maltipoo. You need to show the hiring manager the respect he or she is giving you and that is your full attention. Oh, and don’t forget to turn off the TV. Sometimes we tune the sound out and forget it’s on.

Aside from the sound check, make sure your backdrop is appropriate. Things that aren’t: a purple polka-dotted pillow propping you up, your overflowing trashcan and a messy couch with your roommate’s free weights and gym clothes scattered across it. Make the room you’re in a representation of your work: polished.

Lastly, test the lighting so that even though your camera isn’t the highest quality, it will be flattering to your features. Try out different lamps or multiple lamps to find the right spotlight. Overhead lighting is always preferable, like a floor lamp, as it’s less likely to produce shadows, making you looking like a ghost-storyteller at summer camp.

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