‘I Used To Walk The Runways, But Now I Have A Regular Job’

The following is an article I wrote for The Grindstone as a contributer.

In New York it is quite normal to see a model walking down the sidewalk or in your subway car but what if they were in your breakroom at work getting a cup of coffee? Yes, it’s true. Some women just do modeling on the side of their career or leave modeling altogether to dwell in cubes and deal with erratically demanding bosses like the rest of us. Not only is there life off of the runway, but regular real-life that involves spilling microwavable soup on their pencil skirt while fumbling through a conference call. We talked with two models who have walked the runways in years past but are also passionate about their day jobs.

The shelf life a fashion model is a short one. It is a young woman’s game. The desire for young women in modeling is so strong that the Council of Fashion Designers of America has issued a plea for designers and modeling agencies not to let girls under 16 walk at New York Fashion Week (which is why the Model Alliance is so important.) “You’d be stupid not to think you have a shelf life,” former supermodel Iman, 56, who now runs a $25 million cosmetics company told New York Magazine. “I knew I had to become a brand. And that brand was me.” Iman is the only supermodel that used her celebrity status to build a career that would outlast the short modeling window. Think of Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington now. Having other career passions is a smart idea for a model. Hartje Andresen is one of those smart women. She talked with The Grindstone about the career she focuses on now instead of modeling.

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