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Source:; Clockwise: Nicki Minaj, Deena Cortese, Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator and Katy Perry

We saw lots of brights sported on the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday and they inspired today’s post. :)

Sure the stars framed in hot-color shades above weren’t necessarily hailed as best dressed, but they did highlight one red hot trend: neon.  How does this relate to my work space, you ask? Well, your notes, calendars and whatever else you scribble on in neon want to be trendy too. So, here’s the latest in office-supply fashion: The Sharpie Gel Highlighter.

This new addition comes in orange, yellow, pink, blue and green AND promises not to smear in addition to never drying out, even if left uncapped. Apparently, it won’t even smear on pen, marker and ink-jet printouts and can be used on all paper surfaces, including glossy and thin papers.  (AAAAHHHH!!! I can finally use them on magazines?!?!?  This is a must for PR girls and fashion-mag fanatics of which I am both. I just can’t believe my prayers to the office gods have finally been answered!)

I haven’t tried them myself, but I’m hoping to snag a pack this weekend. The only thing that I wish they had is the color purple. It’s not that it’s my fave or anything, it’s just that I like having that color option for things on my personal to-do list that are far-reaching and not extremely pertinent. (Yes, I color-code my to-do lists and have to-do lists like 5+years out. Yeah, that’s embarrassing…)

Here’s a cool way to use highlighters to make flipping through your Mead Marble Memos even more fun via

As you can see, I hoard tons of highlighters, using them for calendar notes, list prioritization and just plain old sticky notes that I want to stand out among the rest (Ok, and I’m too lazy to throw out the ones that  no longer work):

(I have more highlighters than I do pens, and…I have no clue why I still have a candy cane still wrapped from the holidays in my pen organizer above. Gross.)

For your viewing pleasure, this is the most recent note I took with my handy-dandy orange highlighter that expresses how I feel most of the time:

Hope you enjoyed this Hump Day Treat!

TELL ME: What do you use highlighters for most?

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